20 soda brands you’ll never taste again

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Some soda brands just don't resonate with consumers, so they get taken off supermarket shelves, never to return.

The most memorable ones have worked their way into soda lore, refusing to be forgotten.

Some have lingering fans desperately trying to bring them back.

Scroll down to check out 20 failed soda brands you'll never taste again.

Will Heilpern and Kim Bhasin contributed to earlier versions of this post.

New Coke

Screengrab from casanoc on YouTube

The infamous New Coke remains a cautionary tale about why you shouldn't tamper with strong brands.

The reformulated version of Coca-Cola Classic launched in 1985 to help fight off the hard-charging Pepsi. It prompted outrage among hardcore Coca-Cola Classic fans, and less than three months later, Coca-Cola went back on its decision.

People are still seeking out New Coke, which was later sold in foreign markets under the name Coke II until it was permanently shut down in 2002.

Pepsi Blue

Screengrab from TheGSShow on YouTube

Pepsi Blue was introduced in 2002 to compete with Coca-Cola's Vanilla Coke brand. It was berry-flavored and very sugary. The brand drew fire for being colored with Blue 1, a controversial food-coloring agent banned in some countries.

Years after it was discontinued in 2004, the infamous drink is still being searched for by some, but it's extremely difficult to find.

Sprite Remix

Screengrab from DJLogikal on YouTube

Coca-Cola's Sprite Remix popped up in 2003, and it quickly developed a rabid fan base. Coke would expand its Sprite Remix flavors twice in the next two years, adding Berryclear and Aruba Jam to its portfolio following the original Tropical.

However, in 2005, Coca-Cola decided it wasn't performing well enough and killed the brand — at least in the American market.

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