Spalletti adamant fatigue not an issue for Roma

Mar 3, 2017 17:11:13

The Giallorossi boss is not looking for excuses ahead of this weekend's encounter with Napoli as the two battle for second place in Serie A

Luciano Spalletti is adamant fatigue is not an issue for Roma as they prepare to take on Napoli in Serie A.

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Roma were beaten 2-0 by rivals Lazio in the first leg of their Coppa Italia semi-final tie in midweek, with a number of players looking tired as they continue to compete on three fronts.

However, Spalletti is not looking for excuses and is confident his side will be ready for a potentially crucial clash against Napoli, who sit five points behind them in third.

"Of course, we have lots of matches at the moment and that uses up a lot of energy, but we are not tired – we are ready," Spalletti told reporters at a press conference.

"We have just as good a chance in Saturday's game as Napoli do, even if they have had an extra day of rest. We do not want sympathy from anyone, that is not what we are about.

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"We play on a level playing field against a strong side who will come at us with the same intentions.

"Our players have proved they are mature and Saturday we will need to show every bit of the maturity we have built up since we started working together last season.

"I expect us to make the right decisions when the time comes for us to dig in and I expect the team to defend in an orderly fashion and pick the right time to push on."

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