TNA Impact spoilers from Mar. 2 taping: Title change, new faces

With a lot of eyes on them, Impact Wrestling held the first taping of the Anthem/Jeff Jarrett era last night (Mar. 2) in Orlando.

We’ve already covered a couple of the more noteworthy happenings in breakout posts, but here’s a rundown of everything that happened. This is compiled from a variety of live reports, which are subject to a couple levels of interpretation, and final production of the material for airing on television usually changes context, so…

Take these with a grain of salt, is all I’m saying. Still the big matches, winners/losers and story beats are here.

Filmed Thursday, matches said to air mostly on Mar. 9 & 16:

– ODB def. Laurel Van Ness, who was still wearing her tattered wedding dress and carrying a bottle of champagne. At one point she tries to spit bubbly at ODB but missed and gets hit with a TKO for the finish (Xplosion match)

– Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards brawl from the back into the Impact Zone crowd, where security separates them

– Jeremy Borash tells Josh Mathews there are changes coming, including at the announce table, where he’s joining commentary

– Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend) def. Bram & Kingston

– Braxton Sutter def. Marsche Rockett, DJ Z & Caleb Konley. Allie accompanied Sutter to the ring, and LVN came to the stage after the match for a staredown with her.

– Drew Galloway def. Moose to become the new TNA Grand champion

– DJ Z def. Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, Marshe Rockett & Caleb Konley in a 5Way match to retain his X-Division title

– KC Quinn (Brandi Lauren) vs. Brandi Rhodes never starts. Cody comes out saying he won’t allow Impact to “pimp the Rhodes name”, then pays off Quinn with $45, saying it’ $20 more than she would have gotten from TNA. He leaves with his wife, and Rosemary comes out and beats down KC.

– Bruce Prichard promo about the “new Impact”. He says the talent here always wanted to be great, but it never happened. He says TNA is dead, and there is now new owners, new management and a new name. Prichard says they’re rebuilding around the greatest hybrid athlete in the world, and brings out Lashley.

– Lashley and Bruce talk about how he’s the best ever and no one will take the World title from him, which brings out Alberto De Patron.

– Alberto says Lashley hasn’t beaten him. Ethan Carter III comes out and says De Patron can’t just show up and demand a title match. He wants one, but Lashley says no because EC3 has had his chance. Alberto says he wants a title match, and that match gets booked. Hopefully this makes more sense in final form.

– Dutch Mantell (aka Zeb Colter) is out next to also talk up the new direction for Impact. He says in the past TNA had guys like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Sting, Christian, Bobby Roode and Kevin Nash, but lost them due to lack of leadership and vision. That’s going to change now.

– Cody is back to call out Moose, but Borash tells him he’s in Japan. He throws his Global Force Nex*Gen title in the ring and stages a sit-in.

– Garza Jr. & Laredo Kid def Eli Drake & Tyrus with a roll-up (Garza on Drake)

– Sienna def. Rachael Ellering

– Alberto De Patron def. Lashley to win the TNA World title. As mentioned in our separate post on this, there were shenanigans that leave the door open to future controversy, but Alberto left with the belt. EC3 watched from the ramp.

– Eli Drake vs Moose never happens after Cody attacks Moose backstage and delivers a CrossRhodes on the ramp.

– Trevor Lee def. Caleb Konley, Andrew Everett, Idris Abraham, Marsche Rockett & DJ Z (Lee pins Konley) (Xplosion match)

– Angelina Love def. Angel Rose (Xplosion match)

– Moose def. Cody via split decision to retain the Grand Championship. Brandi left after round 2, and one of the judges got taken out by a superkick and was replaced by Prichard.

That’s what we know… what do you think?

More taping – and rumored big happenings – tonight!

H/T: Wrestling Observer and PWInsider

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