‘Mings deserved to get a smack’ – Carragher and Henry react

‘Mings deserved to get a smack’ – Carragher and Henry react

Date published: Saturday 4th March 2017 2:53

Tyrone Mings: Caught by Zlatan's elbow

Jamie Carragher believes that Tyrone Mings deserved his elbow from Zlatan Ibrahimovic, as both Thierry Henry and Gary Neville had their say on the incident.

Ten-man Bournemouth held United to a 1-1 draw at Old Trafford – but the major talking point came from two incidents right before half-time when Ibrahimovic and Mings clashed.

Carragher was keen to point out that what the Swede did was not right, but said he could understand the reaction after having his head stamped on by Mings.

With referee Kevin Friend not punishing either player for their actions, Football Association charges could be forthcoming.

“Stamping on someone’s head when they’re on the floor is a disgrace, really,” Carragher said on Sky Sports.

“That stamp from Mings was horrific and he deserves a smack for that.

“And listen, the Zlatan elbow, you can’t support that .

“But, you go back to when you were a kid. If someone stamps on your head when you’re on the floor, you’ll be looking for your first chance to get them back.”

Speaking again about the incident after the game, Carragher continued: “There’s no doubt Zlatan is getting a ban for this. He should have been sent off for it. [Jose] Mourinho knows it, he knows it. I’m not saying I don’t understand his reaction to the stamp, I do, but maybe there’s smarter ways to respond. …”

His fellow Sky Sports expert, Thierry Henry agreed with Carragher’s point of view.

” I’m not saying it’s right,” he said. “He felt like Mings did him on purpose. So you can understand his actions. It looks like he meant it.

“However, the player says it’s ‘not in his game’, so you have to give him the benefit of doubt.”

Gary Neville, in Sky commentary box, added: “If you stamp on someone’s head, you are going to get got. Both players deserved red. It’s like a scene from UFC.”

What’s your take on the incident? Will both players get bans? Who will receive the bigger punishment? Use the facebook comments facilty, below, to have your say…




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