Report: Bully Ray almost returned to TNA (Spoilers included)

TNA taped television last night in Orlando and during the course of the evening Alberto El Patron made his debut and won the heavyweight championship from Bobby Lashley (get complete spoilers from the taping here). The company has since started promoting his appearance, though they aren’t giving away what he does:

We'll just leave this here. See you Thursday Night @VivaDelRio


Said shocking appearance wasn’t originally intended for El Patron, however. Indeed, PW Insider is reporting Drew Galloway was originally going to win the title from Lashley before he left the promotion due to their failure to negotiate a new deal with him in a timely manner. That’s when they went to Bully Ray with the offer of a top spot and a lot of money. But while the deal was close to being finalized it fell through at the last minute.

What’s more, there was another name the company reached out to before going to El Patron but that didn’t work out either.

Third time’s the charm, right?

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