‘I can still be decisive for Bayern’ – Muller not worried about lack of goals

Mar 7, 2017 09:36:10

The Bayern attacker is unconcerned by his own form as long as the Bavarians win silverware come the end of the season

Thomas Muller is not worried by his below-par performances this season and is confident he can still make the difference for Bayern Munich.

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The Germany international has been struggling to find his best form and has netted just once in 20 Bundesliga appearances, compared to 20 in 31 in 2015-16.

The 27-year-old is not interested in personal success, though, and is adamant trophies are all that matter come the end of the season.

"There is no denying that I have had better times on the pitch," Muller told Bild. "But I am not taking myself too seriously and I still believe in myself. I am convinced that I can still be decisive for Bayern and the national team this season.

Thomas Muller Bayern Munich

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"What matters most to us as a team is that we keep an eye on our objectives. A team consists of more than just 11 players. We want to win trophies in the end and we all feel good if we can make that happen.

"Individual statistics are completely irrelevant in that case. I am too old to care about that. Winning titles is all that matters. I will not let anybody ruin my fun if we win trophies."

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