‘If Jose misses top 4 do you think he gets the boot like Moyes and LvG’

‘If Jose misses top 4 do you think he gets the boot like Moyes and LvG’

Date published: Friday 10th March 2017 11:56

Jose Mourinho: Fighting for a place in the top four

Jose Mourinho: Fighting for a place in the top four

Manchester United readers debate whether missing out on the top four could spell the end for Jose Mourinho, while thoughts on Arsene Wenger’s future and Liverpool’s clash with Burnley are also offered by our readers.

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No top four, should Jose get the boot?

Something crossed my mind this week.
I haven’t thought about it because I always trusted Jose to get us top 4. We certainly look a better team with a better style than in a long time, but, if Jose misses top 4- do you think he gets the boot like Moyes and Van Gaal before him?

The real question is: SHOULD he?


Not at all – he is doing a good job overall. Whilst he has made his mistakes, he has improved our performances, won us two of the two trophies we could win so far this year and has done excellently in the transfer market. If we get rid of him we need to start from scratch… again.. and I don’t see us getting in any manager who can attract world class players to us like Mourinho has done so far.

Next year, with another window to bring in better players and get rid of the baggage, we’ll be even better. Will we be good enough to win the league? I’m not sure but I trust Mourinho to get us to that level.

Sympathy for the Devils

United looking to end Stamford Bridge woes

Why do we have the most horrible record at the bridge? I think in the past 15 years we have won once? Doubt it will improve on monday. They are just such a well oiled machine. Cant see us getting a replay either.


Wenger system the reason for Arsenal’s failure

I think its well documented on here what I think about this obsession with formations in football and how we all talk about it like its what makes and breaks a team. Formation for the most is how you start a game before a ball is kicked. The most important aspect is not the formation but each mans job in the team both when you have the ball and when you do not. There will always be areas that look like there are gaping holes if the players are not doing the cover job correctly.

take our so called 4-2-3-1—for the most we make excellent use of the ball when we have possession apart from key areas of around the opponents box and conversion of chances…reason…Players skill set on the pitch…

defence…our fullbacks tuck in and make the central look more secure but we leave a chasm at the back post no matter what side of the pitch we are talking about…reason…2 fold…either coaching is poor or the players supposed to cover for the fullback if they tuck in are not there…

my conclusion—the problem I have is as Arsene has been around for 20 yrs and we have been shipping these type of goals the buck stops with him…the players may be able to adapt but they have been purchased to do a specfic role and most of the time we all know that is when we have the ball…do our players have the capacity to change is something I hope we find out next season…even if Wenger goes will our current board not just find a manager who has set-up his previous clubs in much the same manner in order to ease the transition…

Gunjam 74

Mass clear-out needed at Arsenal

First out, would be Cech, Monreal, Gabriel, Mert, Debuchy, Jenkinson, Theo, Coq, then the backroom can all follow.

Quick one on Xhaka, I rate him but he needs to be used in the proper manner, he is not a runner and never has been. You need to put them players next to him, similar to what real do with Kroos (not that level obviously but could be)

Going into next season I would take the below as a starting 11 in a 433

Heaton/Hart Bellerin Kos Mus Robertson Xhaka Ramsey OX Sanchez Lukaku Wellbeck

Sanchez goes then go for Brandt/Mbappe or even test the water with Martial.

One can dream!!!!!

Gooner Si

Breaking down teams that park the Anfield bus

I disagree, mr mak. Teams start exactly with the bus parked as seen againest burnley,hull,wolves,plymouth ,southampton. The team set up with ten men behind the ball. The back 4 turns into a back 6 with the wide men pushing back as fullbacks and the full backs moving inside beside the centre backs. its so obviopus which way burnley will set up. They did the same againest us in aug and the same againest chelsea a few weeks ago

i agree, we have shown in the past that we can beat these teams but recently we havent had a clue how to break them down. We also had no idea how to break utd or burnley down before christmas. My point is we need to try something different as 4-3-3 has not been workiong in 5 previous games againest the so called so loweer clubs.

doing the same thing over and over again with the same results is crazy. I think we will go 4-3-3 but if not working change it and chnage it fast. I can see another day of us struggling to break thee down. If that happens again then serious questions need to be asked.We know exaclty what is coming on sunday and if at this stage, we have no plan for teams that park the bus then its maddness

Sean the sailor

Successful teams have always had bias with The FA

NOLU, to be honest I didn’t know that Ibra accepted and Mings thought otherwise, then fair enough, I can see exactly why the punishment was given as it was and fully agree. Oh BigAl07 if you were to mention Dele being a violent player or Spurs always flattering to deceive when it matters I wouldn’t be saying “usual trite”, it would be a fair point.

Successful teams have always had bias with The FA. You guys were, I’m sure you would admit, not at the level that would be expected last season and that reflected in the decisions given. It feels like the whole footballing world is against you. Now when things are going well, decisions are going your way.

Similar situation with Chelsea this season and the reserve has happened for Leicester. Sorry if I’ve offended you my friend, I’ll always happily admit if I’m wrong.


Not sure about the reasoning behind this as your elbow is your hardest and most dangerous part of the human anatomy while your feet and the boots nowadays are relatively soft.


Yes but with the foot you have the whole weight of the player on top of them coming down on someone’s head! Not to mention the studs/blades underneath.

Tell that to Petr Cech that an elbow is worse than a foot.


Was Barca-PSG better than Istanbul?

Fantastic Comeback even if it is tinged with a bit of Sportsmanship on Suarez’s side IMO. Barca showed exactly why they can never,Ever be counted out of any game.

I wasn’t exactly of the understanding why Neymar got all the plaudits, Yes it was a Great Free Kick and Yes it was a Great Ball in for Sergi Roberto to grab the Winner but in all Honesty Neymar did not much else but Dive His way through the Game.

As for the Greatest ever Comeback… Maybe in the context of it being a last 16 Tie but to Comeback the way Liverpool did in a Final takes just as much if not more doing in My Book.


Good one Taxi, was it better than Istanbul? Hmmm…

On won hand it was the final rather than quarter finals, I’ll give you that, but then compare 3 goals in the last 7 seven minutes of normal time to about 15 minutes of mayhem, followed by about 50 minutes of clinging on with the fingertips to win on penalties? And where would be put the YooUtd 99 game?

I’d have to go with:
1) Yooutd 99 (being the final!)
2) Barca 17
3) Istanbul (forgot the year!)


That last five minutes didn’t seem real to me but not in that mystical, supernatural sense you got from Liverpool in Istanbul or United in the Nou Camp in 99.

It felt like a testimonial where the ref is happy to turn a blind eye to certain events and developed a keen eye to others to get the result the star turn wants.

I don’t think it was fixed, but I think the constant waves of Barcelona cheating, diving and getting in the officials faces eventually told. Right from the start you could tell Barcelona had seen their destiny in the harsh shrill of the referees whistle.

As for the crowd, jesus christ did you see the state of them as the camera panned round the stands? They were clapping like billy-oh and waving their scarfs frantically round their heads like they’d witnessed a particularly virulent performance of La Traviatta at the Opera House. Bravo, bravo! I expect a bit more pandemonium from a comeback like that.

On paper it is the greatest comeback in Champions League history but it didn’t stir the soul like some of the great games.

Wonderfuel Gas




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