Juve and United eyeing summer move for Arsenal’s Sanchez

Juve and United eyeing summer move for Arsenal's Sanchez 11 March at 22:50 Alexis Sanchez' Arsenal future is in heavy doubt as it has been a very hot talking point of late. Sanchez' contract will be expiring in 2018 with the club and Arsenal know that if he doesn't re-sign his deal before this coming summer, then they will likely have to sell him since this would be their last chance to bank in on him. There have been numerous reports of bust-ups between Sanchez and some of his teammates. Time will tell what will happen but in the mean time, many big clubs are following the situation with interest.
UNITED AND JUVE HAVE INTEREST IN HIM – As the English paper Express have stated, Manchester United have some interest in Sanchez as he is the perfect alternative to Antoine Griezmann (who has been a target of the club for some time now). Juventus, who also have interest in Sanchez, will have to watch out for United as this summer should be an entertaining one…
Jean-Luca Mascaro (@CalcioNews89)


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