Let’s help name TNA’s owl mascot

Impact Wrestling’s reboot as an Anthem Entertainment property isn’t off to the best start. Their debut episode was widely panned, and they’ve followed that up by picking a legal fight with a fan favorite industry legend and his pregnant wife which could send a message to current and future members of their roster to not use their best ideas while working for TNA.

Heck, even their effort to get people to stop calling them TNA isn’t working that well thus far, since that’s still how most wrestling fans know them.

And they keep doing LOLTNA things.

But they do have a sweet new mascot, the Anthem Owl. And since everyone except Reby Hardy seems to like the owl, the Impact social media folks are trying to have some fun with it, and giving us a chance to name the bird of prey…

On Monday we pick a winner and someone gets $150.00 gift card to https://t.co/S8Jj1uYJB5 keep the suggestions coming! #AnthemOwl pic.twitter.com/SCDKHU8cuK


Imagine how many “Don West Deals” you can get for $150!

Give us, and Impact, your best shot, Cagesiders! It’ll hard to talk Queen Rebecca’s suggestion (“F*** That” the Owl has a real ring to it – maybe they could call him “F.T.”?), but we know you can do it.

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