Paige’s father thinks UK Championship Live event is a WWE ‘conspiracy’ against his promotion

It’s always something with the McMahons and the Knights…

When WWE announced an event in Norwich, England on May 6 & 7, UK Championship Live from Epic Studios, some raised their eyebrows about the location. While it’s been a while since she’s been announced on her way to a wrestling ring, you probably recall Norwich as the hometown of former Divas champion Paige.

So, it’s also the home base of her father Ricky Knight’s World Association of Wrestling (WAW) promotion.

There’s a bit of a prickly history between the Knights and WWE, until now focused on Paige and her well-being (especially as it regards the company Wellness Policy). Now you can add Triple H putting tickets on sale for this two day event, the first chance Brits will have to see the United Kingdom Championship Tournament (UKCT) performers live in a WWE ring since the January tourney itself, the afternoon before WAW runs two big shows in Norwich.

In an interview with BBC Radio Norfolk, Knight spoke his mind:

To me the timing is absolutely crap, and I think there’s a conspiracy somewhere.

The could’ve left it until Monday. They know we’re doing so well. They follow us religiously, it seems like they do. They would’ve known this is the biggest weekend in WAW history. To me they wanted to cut us open with the announcement this morning and putting their tickets sales on tonight.

Seems like a strange fight to pick, especially considering the Knights and WWE recently agreed to another business venture together, the Fighting With My Family movie based on a television documentary about the family business and Paige signing with WWE… but the company’s movie studio is a different branch of the business, and that project also has Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his production company involved. There should be plenty of mediators available to smooth things over in time for Ricky, his wife Saraya and their sons to promote the flick.

Alternatively, this conflict could be played up to sell tickets to everyone’s projects and grab a few headlines. These are two old wrestling families we’re talking about here. They know a little heat’s good for any angle.

Ricky doesn’t seem too concerned about Norwich fans deciding to save their money for WWE’s May shows, anyway:

But tough guys, because this is going to be a sellout tonight anyway. Go and do your best.

As another famous wrestling promoter always says, controversy creates cash.

H/T: Pro Wrestling Sheet

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