VIDEO: Witsel stamp results in red card

Mar 11, 2017 13:32:33

Shanghai Shenhua midfielder Qin Sheng lost his cool at a corner during a meeting with Tianjin Qunjian and was given his marching orders as a result

Alex Witsel was on the receiving end of some rather rough treatment during his latest appearance for Tianjin Qunjian in the Chinese Super League.

The Belgium international, who was one of the high-profile figures to move to Asia during the winter transfer window, was callously stamped on during a meeting with Shanghai Shenhua.

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Witsel was lining up to defend a corner during the first half of a CSL fixture when he was sent tumbling to the turf.

Shanghai midfielder Qin Sheng was the man to leave him in a heap after taking issue with a jostle for position.

The match officials were quick to spot the incident and brandish a red card, but Tianjin failed to make the most of their numerical advantage and required an 85th-minute leveller from Witsel to secure a 1-1 draw.

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